Mission – The Boont Tribe Community School mission is to provide safe, nurturing, nature-based, and Earth conscious programs in which children learn through play, mentorship, and self-directed critical thinking.  With support and guidance our students will become confident independent students of the world.

We believe that students learn and grow when exposed to a meaningful, and stimulating environment.  This requires highly qualified teachers, child-centered curriculum, and developmentally appropriate educational materials.  A quality community school education provides guided, hands-on, and nature-based educational possibilities that emphasize supporting the community and environment around us. 


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Boont Tribe Community School is located in beautiful Anderson Valley, in northern California. Specifically in the little town of Philo, it is nestled between the redwood forests, the rolling oak covered golden hills, and the Pacific Ocean. The country charm and the close-knit community intertwine to create an amazing place to be a child. Imagination and critical thinking are emphasized, and diversity and individuality are appreciated.